“Well y’know – there’s good and bad, just like anything else, okay? The thing about religion is, it preys upon people’s weaknesses. If you take that kind of power and use it in the wrong way – that’s really bad. And that song “Soldier” was written to represent the subconscious of the Graduate guy movin’ through his decision-making process about what he was gonna do with his life or the kinda person he was gonna be. That was the decision – to either go to drugs, to religion or the army. …
“What is it to me? What is God to me? God is faith that there is a higher power. It’s an understanding. …
“Karma’s much easier to believe in than heaven and hell. … It makes more sense. It happens. But the heaven and hell story – those are just metaphors for ‘You go up or down.’ Y’know – ‘What did you do? How did you fare?’ All that stuff. That’s just a way of measuring whether you’re a good person or a bad person. They gotta give you a conscience – tryin’ to organize this conscience to be responsible.
Define faith and conscience – it’s very hard to do. So people write stories. To explain what they are. The Bible is one of them. None of them are perfect. They all get mixed reviews. Some people like one, but they don’t like the other. Nobody likes all of them. So in the end these stories – heaven and hell and Adam and Eve – the whole fuckin’ thing is no more than this year’s crop of movies. They’re just stories to hang your hat on.”

-Neil Young, from “Shakey: An Autobiography of Neil Young.” I recently finished this book and recommend it highly.

It also makes me think of “Love in Mind“:

“Man made rules
been holdin’ back my love
Can’t hold it back no more.
Churches long preach sex is wrong
Jesus where is nature gone?
What am I doing here?
What am I doing here?
What am I doing here?”


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