“I get so hurt when people do things I don’t understand. I just don’t do anything, I let it go, it builds up … that’s a really bad weakness of mine. But I’ve got a long time left to improve. …
“Well, I wish that the people I like, the people I work with – Briggs, Mulligan, Ralph, Billy, Poncho and Ben Keith—that’s the core, and maybe some others I’m not mentioning – I wish these people liked me as much as I like them. That they didn’t harbor resentments about me.
“I mean, I really did try to give everybody what they wanted and what was fair. When I looked around at what others were giving in similar circumstances – I think I did it better, yet I don’t think it was enough for these people.”

– Neil Young, from “Shakey: An Autobiography of Neil Young.” This is the last Neil quote that really struck me. I hope I convinced someone to read the book!


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